General Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. The following general terms and conditions apply to all training organised by HH Academy. HH Academy is an activity by Hotel Hungaria bvba (Business number 0810.368.286) based at Radioweg 18, 3020 Herent. These general terms and conditions apply to price quotes issued, activities and contracts. By sending an order confirmation, either in writing (letter, fax), or electronically (e-mail), the client notifies HH Academy that he/she is aware of these conditions and accepts them unreservedly.

1.2. These general terms and conditions override the general and specific price quote and contract terms of the client, even if those terms stipulate the opposite.

1.3. HH Academy undertakes to perform its services to the best of its ability according to the rules of best professional practice and in compliance with the applicable legislation.

2. Payment terms

2.1. Invoices and bills issued by HH Academy are payable at the address of its registered office, no later than 1 week before the start of the course package. Payment is to be made by deposit or bank transfer of the amount due to the account number of HH Academy which is quoted on the invoice or bill.

2.2. In case of non-payment of the amount due on the due date, it will be assumed that the customer no longer wishes to participate in the course package and an administration fee of 10% of the total amount will be charged. 

2.3. HH Academy’s VAT obligations apply to all its activities.

2.4. Only written complaints submitted to HH Academy within 7 days after the date of issue of invoice will be entertained.

3. Confidentiality

3.1. The Academy undertakes not to disclose the information relating to the customer which come to its knowledge in the performance of its assignment, nor to use it without the customer’s consent. That consent may be given to HH Academy either implicitly or explicitly.

4. Cancellation or change of training course

4.1. In the event of cancellation more than 1 week before the start date of the training course, 10% of the agreed price is due to be payed as an administration fee. In the event of cancellation 1 week or less before the start date of the training course, the whole amount is due. Any cancellation must be sent by e-mail (

4.2. HH Academy reserves the right to cancel a training course or 1 or more sessions that form part of a training course, change it to a different time, change the content, the arrangements or the location, if despite all its best efforts, the circumstances (e.g. insufficient registrations, illness or accident of the instructor, force majeure, etc.) dictate that this must be done.

4.3. If the customer is unable to take part in a training course or 1 or more sessions that form part of a training course, he may arrange to be replaced.

4.4 HH Academy cannot be held liable for the late submission of an aid application. In the event of a late application, your grant application will be refused. In the case of late transfer of the payment, your project application will be cancelled as of right.

5. Copyright

All the materials, syllabi and the like are covered by intellectual property rights. None of the content may be copied, published, edited or reproduced by the client without the consent of HH Academy.

6. Applicable law and disputes

6.1 If a clause in these general terms and conditions should prove to be invalid or unworkable, the other clauses shall remain in force notwithstanding, and the clause concerned will be applicable to the extent allowed by law.

6.2. Belgian law applies to the legal relationship between HH Academy and its customers.

6.3. Any disputes that relate to the conclusion, interpretation, performance, non-performance and the termination of the contracts between HH Academy and its customers, shall be submitted to the courts of the Antwerp legal district.