Frequently asked questions

I can't attend all the sessions, what do I do?

Contact us via Probably, there is a possibility of attending the session at another location or at another time.

Can I change my registration?

If you change your mind about starting a course, we advise to send a mail as soon as possible to

In the event of cancellation 2 weeks before the start of the training course, we will refund the whole course fee minus a small deduction of 10% to cover administrative costs. If you want to cancel after that, unfortunately we will not be able to refund that amount any more. Of course, you can always arrange for a colleague to attend instead of you.

Are there discounts for the Hotel Hungaria Academy?

Hotel Hungaria Academy, represented by RPPRT bvba, is a registered service provider of the Flemish Government. This means that as a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can save quite a lot on your training costs due to the SME portfolio. The government refunds you 40% of our VAT-exclusive price for a small firm or 30% for a medium-sized firm. This means that on an annual basis, as a small firm you can save up to 10,000 euros and as a medium-sized firm, you can save up to 15,000 euros. A pretty nice gift, don’t you think?

When is the best time to apply for this SME portfolio?

To benefit from this gift, it is very important to start and finish the procedure promptly and correctly. If you don’t, then unfortunately you run the risk of losing your grant, and therefore having to pay the whole amount yourself. You don’t have to wait until the invoice comes in either. Everything can be set in motion so that the amount is ready as soon as the invoice arrives.

How do I apply for the SME portfolio?

It is important to surf to as soon as possible, and then click on the login for the SME portfolio. After that, just follow the instructions given on the website. For your grant application, you need to select RPPRT bvba as the service provider or type in the approval number 0597.786.947.

At the end of your registration, you will be asked to transfer your part of the training budget excluding VAT to a government account. The government will then add its part, after which the total amount will appear in your electronic portfolio. From now on, when you receive your invoice, you can transfer the VAT-exclusive amount to us with a single press of a button, after which you pay the VAT yourself to our account.

If you still have questions about this procedure, please don’t hesitate to send us a mail via

I have received my invoice, but don't really understand what I have to pay.

After registering on our website, you will receive a mail with the invoice.

If you are not using the SME portfolio, you should transfer the whole amount no later than 1 week before the start of the course to Hotel Hungaria bvba. Your registration is only confirmed once the payment has been received by Hotel Hungaria bvba.

If you do make use of the SME portfolio, pay your share (60% or 70%) of the VAT-exclusive training amount to a government account. The government then adds its share. From the time that this amount is in your electronic portfolio, you can transfer it to us with just 1 press of a button. You will still have to transfer the VAT to us manually, no later than 1 week before the start of the lessons.