Nico Van de Velde

Nico Van de Velde is a director, co-founder of Hotel Hungaria and gifted brand builder. As the creative brain behind successful brands such as Dagelijkse kost, Helden and Groenland, he has a clear view of how brands connect with their public. What is more, he tells the story, like no other and from his own experience, of the transformation of Hotel Hungaria from production house to storytelling agency to entrepreneurial brand transformer.

Nele Pieters

Nele Pieters is the founder of the Community-based Story Canvas. After an atypical career that includes over ten years’ experience in the field of strategic marketing at Procter & Gamble, as a consultant and an entrepreneur, in the spring of 2018 she set out her surprising view of marketing in the book Community Marketing.

Stephanie Duval

Stephanie Duval set out her experience as a journalist, editor-in-chief and blogger in the lifestyle world in the book How blogs work. As an experienced expert in influencer and content marketing, she became a consultant with brands such as Alpro and Connections. She gathered together the result of these experiences and her surprising view of contemporary marketing in the book Community marketing.

Floris Lefever

Floris Lefever is a marketeer and has proven expertise in everything digital. From his passion as an actor and coach with the Belgian improvisation association, he knows better than anyone how to inspire an audience.

Claire Selis

Claire Selis earned her stripes as change manager in her role as digital expert for Gouden Gids: she guided the marketing department into the digital era, directed it from a sequential to an integrated process and created successful solutions for the challenges brought about by the transformation. Solutions with which she later on also made a difference at StepStone, Kapaza and Hotel Hungaria.