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The digital revolution has impacted on us all and not only by way of digital applications. In a world where ‘the day after tomorrow‘ is already on our minds, it seems that we are increasingly losing the connection with our customer. In the search to properly click with customers, our Academy offers a bold insight into the consumer of today.

We deliver a range of courses to support your company in this quest, and analyse how you need to transform your brand and company structure to reconnect with your customer. We offer both open master classes as well as tailored courses. So it’s entirely up to you whether a simple recommendation will help your company, or whether you need some intensive coaching.


No, there’s no such thing as the millennial.

Learn how to understand your customer (again) and create a story that leaves an impact. The Community-based Story Canvas gets you to look at your consumers from a different perspective, and gives you a refreshing insight into their needs. 


Today, companies are communicating constantly and everywhere.

Gain greater insight into the increased complexity of communication in our post-digital world, and discover the impact this has on the organisation of your marcom department.


Our hyper-transparent world means companies are soon unmasked.

Discover how to make your organisation communicate as a whole, so that you all support and underline your story. 

Future events

Workshop Community Thinking

Monday 24 september 2018 – 19h00 till 21h30
Hotel Hungaria, Radioweg 18, Herent 3020

Thursday 27 september 2018 – 14h00 till 16h30
Hotel Hungaria, Radioweg 18, Herent 3020

Workshop The big story and the power of formats

Monday 5 november 2018 – 19h00 till 21h30
Hotel Hungaria, Radioweg 18, Herent 3020

Thursday 8 november 2018 – 14h00 till 16h00
Hotel Hungaria, Radioweg 18, Herent 3020


Selling a product as ‘harder, better, faster, stronger’? Today’s consumers are no longer so easily impressed. Stephanie Duval and Nele Pieters show that placing consumers and their communities centre stage penetrates far deeper to the core of the story. At every level of the company.

In the book ‘Community Marketing’, the authors address business leaders and marketeers who intuitively feel that marketing needs to go back to the basic, and question whether the consumer is (still) sat there waiting for their message. Using inspirational examples and a clear approach, they set you on the path to looking differently at your company and marketing strategy.

See this as a wake-up call. Change your focus and understand what your customers really want.

They made the switch

In particular, the quote ‘good is good enough’ was a real light bulb moment for me. When you run a business, you quickly fall into the trap of constantly wanting to improve your product, but this book made me realise that’s not always what the customer wants.

Wim Ballieu

Founder, Balls & Glory

It won’t happen overnight, but the shift from brand to community marketing absolutely needs to happen. 

Davy De Vlieger

Managing Director, Continental Foods

Bang on as ‘our sort’ of marketing book, with a compelling vision and a very specific methodology.

Wouter Torfs

CEO, Schoenen Torfs

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Our experts offer a daring view of marketing, where technology is subordinate to strategic insight and is always at the service of powerful storytelling.

Why this book?

“Why this book?" That is often the first question asked by people who come into contact with my latest publication.  The question can be answered with a familiar cliché: "It's a long story." But one I am happy to tell. Looking back, a great deal can be explained by...

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